I started, " What is Self Care?" 10 Key Tips To Go From Toxic To Triumphant Living Online Mini-Course, out of purpose and frustration. This idea was something that I always wanted to do, but I didn't know what I wanted to say precisely. I wanted to share what I learned, and if I am completely transparent, I didn't want to admit why I knew so much. It was hard to admit that I learned about self-care in the darkest of times from abuse and the voids that were never completed. I learned the hard way, but I didn't want you to know that.

I felt ashamed. I felt like it was a stain on me that I worked so hard to remove, but it kept tagging along. I was aggressive. I was defensive, and I was hard to love.

Then, when I decided that the rollercoaster of emotions and undeserving relationships were no longer my security blanket, I dropped my safety net and went cold turkey. I had enough and found the strength and resilience to get to happy - and I haven't looked back since. This course is for the individual who is trying to come out of their darkness and into the light. It is for the person who people didn't believe could do it.

"What is self-care?" course is for the person who is looking for a roadmap on where to start. If that sounds like you.

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Why "Self Care" is not one size fits all

Some of us did not grow up or have the opportunity to be covered and delivered safely into adulthood. This mini online course is for those who need out of the box tips, are tired of being sick and tired and misunderstood. 





The best part to living a life of happiness from the mess, is by first taking the brave step to letting down your guard. Finding the courage to face your past is not an easy one. In 10 Key Tips to Go From Toxic To Triumph Living, you will find tools that worked wonders for me and so many others.

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Hasn't it been long enough? You might not be able to change all of the circumstances around you, but you can certainly claim what's yours. Your peace is under attack from so many directions and it needs you to be strong enough to keep is safe.

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I would like to know more about " What is "Self Care?" Mini Course

" What Is Self Care?"

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"Thank you for reminding me who I really am. I must admit that I almost forgot. Never again..."

Christie K.

"You are gifted and I am forever grateful."

Long Island, NY

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